Mini Mug Subscription 2023

Mini Mug Subscription 2023

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Please read all details before purchasing! 

The 2023 Subscription series will be a set of four makers-choice pieces, shipped throughout the year. It's my intention to send you something unique and beautiful - these pieces will be passion projects.
I'm excited to use the subscription boxes to offer extra value for loyal collectors, by sending extra special work, with interesting details, and unreleased finishes. 

This listing is for the 'mini' version of my large mugs - not especially small, think somewhere in the neighbourhood of your Granny's coffee cups, in terms of dimensions and volume. Minis were added to the lineup in 2019 due to popular demand for folks wishing to include their kids in mug purchases for family sets, as my large mugs are rather generous. They are a great option for anyone not using an entire pot of coffee to survive the day, or perhaps with a preference for a smaller mug for a sore wrist, serving a cocktail, etc. 

• Shipments will leave HQ in February, May, August and October 

• Please select either Cauldron, Classic, or Surprise Me, from the drop down menu 

• Select Local Pickup at checkout, as shipping for North America has already been included in the price. An upcharge for shipping further afield will be billed separately based on carrier rates. I'll send you a PayPal invoice,  after your purchase. 

• During checkout, please feel welcome to leave me ONE note about each of the following items: ONE thing you might really love to see (ie. 'I love warm colours') and ONE thing you'd be happy to avoid (ie. 'Prefer no matte glazes'). Multiple notes per order will default to the first thing mentioned. You're welcome to leave me zero notes, too! 

• Mug designs and glazing will be at my discretion; subscription boxes are likely to contain brand new designs, along with some of my current favourite designs. 

• If purchasing as a gift for someone else, please type their address in the notes section at checkout. 

Can't wait to send you some special goodies!